Work of Art

New Mural at Tulare Union High School

For the past three years, TETER has been assisting Tulare Joint Union High School District with the design and construction of a new two-story Science and Administration Building addition at Tulare Union High School.

The new building will be the new entrance for students and visitors onto this historic campus. Its design reflects the existing campus’ two-story buildings and their modern influence.

Heavy traffic on Tulare Avenue limited access for students into the original entrance of the campus, which also has a mural. The concept for the exterior design of the new building is to reflect the original façade of Tulare Avenue at the rear of the campus where students and staff currently enter.

TETER knew this was a great opportunity to represent the student body’s school spirit and “Tribe”, their newly named mascot who was always a Native-American icon.

Arnoldo Espindola, a Job Captain at TETER and graduate of Tulare Union High, connected with David Flores, a fellow alumni.

David Flores is an international artist whose artwork is on permanent display at MoMA, Los Angeles Coliseum, Dodger Stadium, and The Mexican Consulate.

Thanks to Arnoldo’s passionate pursuit of Mr. Flores, who graduated from TUHS in 1989, he donated his time to design and paint the mural.

“Giving back to my high school is deeply meaningful to me. The mural shows local students that you can have a positive impact with skate and street art. This is David’s first art mural piece in the Central Valley. What better place to donate his talent than at his alma mater.” – Arnoldo Espindola

Step 1 - Projecting artwork onto the wall

Artwork is projected onto wall at night.

Line work is created from the projected art.

David Flores, international artist and alumni of Tulare Union High School, paints the mural.

Freshly painted mural dries overnight.