New Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation Facility

Left to Right Board Members: Anna Poggi, Richard Reding, and Danny Rueda

Wasco Union Elementary School Board of Trustee Members cut the ribbon to District’s new Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation (MOT) facility.

During the initial programming and conceptual design phases, Wasco UESD presented TETER with their primary objectives for their project:

  • A new low-maintenance facility in order for their Maintenance and Operations personnel to stay focused on operating all the schools in the District.
  • Room for expansion in the rapidly growing community of Wasco.
  • Extra parking spaces for an expanded fleet of school buses.
  • Additional warehousing for future needs.
  • Provisions for increasing number of employees using the lockers, restrooms, and break room.
  • Economical construction methods.
  • Cost-effective use of their limited funding to preserve resources for educational programs.

TETER successfully met all of the District’s objectives and more.

“This new facility is beyond what Wasco’s Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation Department envisioned. Rob Sanchez, MOT Director, was clearly pleased that the new facility benefits a much broader portion of the District than anticipated. The new MOT is better and even more useful than the Owner expected. I’m very gratified that TETER fulfilled their needs, requirements, and more within their budget.” –  Ralph Williamsen, Architect and Construction Administrator

Left to Right: Superintendent Kelly Richers, MOT Director Rob Sanchez, Director of Facilities Planning Daniel Vargas

Superintendent Kelly Richers addresses guests attending the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Guests admire the new Wasco MOT facility.