TETER volunteers at ARF!

TETER volunteers at Animal Rescue of Fresno

TETER’s public sector team donated design, labor, and materials to Animal Rescue of Fresno (ARF), a Fresno no-kill shelter, to provide a safer place for their rescued animals. Partners and staff spent Saturday morning building a new animal shade structure, modifying an existing structure, bathing dogs, and painting a new mural.

Mindi Miller, Vice President of ARF expressed her gratitude to TETER:

“Thanks to all the hardworking employees at TETER for donating their time to help the dogs at ARF. The work TETER performed allowed us, on the very SAME DAY, to rescue eight dogs who needed us desperately. They were able to use the yard where the structure was corrected by TETER. There is no price we can put on saving dogs. From all of the volunteers and all of the dogs, thank you so much! There is no way we can show you the lift of encouragement your team gave our team by selecting us. ”

TETER’s team design and build a new animal shade structure for the outdoor pen area.

Staff and Partners from TETER work together to modify an existing animal shade structure for ARF!

TETER staff volunteer to paint a new mural in the Event Garden at ARF.

TETER staff bathe a rescue dog at ARF.