Dogmatic Dedication

TETER volunteers at ARF.

For the second year in a row, TETER donated design, labor, and materials to Animal Rescue of Fresno (ARF), a Fresno no-kill dog rescue shelter. Partners and staff volunteered their time and talent building three new shade structures, painting three new murals, and bathing dozens of rescue dogs.

Mindi Miller, Vice President of ARF expressed her gratitude to TETER:

“Thank you so much TETER for coming out to ARF. We’re so grateful to your team for designing and building shade structures for three of our small dog yards. You’ve provided the dogs much needed shade in the summer. Your shade structure gives the dogs a place to lay down and get off the dirt in the hot summer and mud in cold winter. The mural paintings on the Tuff Sheds brightens up ARF. We appreciate all your hard work. We actually caught the dogs barking at your mural paintings because they thought it was a real dog! Thank you very much for helping make ARF even safer for the resident animals until they find their forever home.” 

Eric Bailey (Structural Engineer) and Robert Thornton (Partner and Architect) cut wood to build shade shelters. Lynn Lyle (Construction Administrator) and a volunteer bathe a rescue dog.

Jenn Smith (Project Administrator), Fritzi Martinez (Construction Design Professional), and Lisa Ruffoni (Project Administrator) brighten plain Tuff Sheds by painting colorful murals.

Robert Thornton and Jamie Hickman (TETER Partners and Architects) build new shade shelters for rescued dogs.

Eric Bailey (Structural Engineer) and Erin Garcia (Architect) build new shade shelters for rescued dogs.