TETER Teaches at Tech Trek

TETER’s Professional Women Participate in AAUW Tech Trek

TETER’s Professional Engineers helped young ladies discover their potential in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) at the 2018 American Association of University Women (AAUW) Tech Trek summer camp.

Rebecca Jennings, Camp Director of Fresno Tech Trek at AAUW had this to say:

It’s important that these young women are encourage to pursue STEM fields not just by their teachers, but by role models who work in those fields. Having our Structures class taught by a working engineer provides an experience that these girls can’t get at school or in other settings. Additionally, TETER employees bring their real world experience in STEM and share their personal journeys with our campers when they participate as speakers in our Professional Women’s Night. It all helps our campers to be able to envision themselves as engineers and architects, rather than just hearing that they can be one.”

For the past three years, Megan Chang, Professional Engineer at TETER, has taught structural engineering to 8th grade girls at summer STEM camps:

I volunteered because I’m passionate about giving back and helping aspiring engineers to find their way. Teaching at Tech Trek is a way for me to re-visit the basics and pass them on to those who are already interested in building. Giving them the tools to design bridges and buildings to meet specific criteria using a variety of materials gives the girls exposure to the joys of the real-life problem solving they’ll experience if they continue on the path towards becoming a structural engineer. I hope the seeds I planted will continue to grow in their lives and turn into the next generation of people applying their talents towards building a better valley.”

Megan Armendariz (Professional Engineer at TETER) explains how architectural drawings are produced to Tech Trek campers during Professional Women’s Night.

Tech Trek campers listen attentively to Sophia Nyberg (Mechanical Engineer-In-Training at TETER) during Professional Women’s Night.

Megan Chang (Professional Engineer at TETER) supervises campers at 2018 Tech Trek.