TETER Partners with CSU Fresno and ASHRAE SJ for Indoor Air Quality Research.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has always been important. Fortunately, there are new technologies that may potentially benefit the San Joaquin Valley.

The Fresno State Indoor Air Quality Research Project is based around developing emerging technologies to combat bad indoor and outdoor air quality.

If the new technologies prove worthwhile, it has potential to offset energy costs for HVAC applications. It’s a great opportunity to promote healthy and efficient built environments in the San Joaquin Valley.

The San Joaquin Valley’s poor outdoor air quality and high temperatures negatively affect its residents. By spearheading the research project, TETER contributes to battling poor air quality and helping reach California’s goals of carbon neutrality and Zero Net Energy building.

“Maintaining good indoor air quality and using minimal energy usage for HVAC systems are a must. However, they can also be in direct conflict with each other when there are stringent filters and cleaning devices that require bigger fans and more energy.  I’m excited to be exploring this research project with ASHRAE San Joaquin, and the local engineering and construction community. I hope we can find better ways of delivering better air quality to Central Valley residents, even when our outdoor air may not cooperate.”
Jonathan Schlundt, Partner/Mechanical Engineer