PMI – CCVC Academic Forum

TETER presents “Project Management: 5 Things You Won’t Learn in College”

TETER Engineers, Jonathan Schlundt, Hannah Moss, and Corey Stone teamed with PMI CCVC and Lyles College of Engineering to give a presentation to young professionals, recent graduates, and students from CSU Fresno’s Engineering and Business Schools.

TETER’s topics focused on:

  • Engineering in college vs. Engineering in the real world
  • Moral / Ethics / Quality of Design
  • Being a part of something bigger
  • Breaking the misconception that Fresno isn’t a place where you can have a successful career

For Corey Stone, Electrical Engineer and CSU Fresno alumni, it was personal:

“Going back to my home campus and speaking with students was great. I fondly remember all of the professors and industry people who invested in me. Reciprocating their guiding influence is what lifelong education in the San Joaquin Valley looks like. I received a wealth of technical knowledge when I attended CSU Fresno. I’m happy to be able to educate students about project management and give them a taste of the real-world workplace. It will be useful as they progress on their path to becoming an engineer.”

TETER Electrical Engineer Corey Stone explains how emotional factors are important in business development and getting new clients.

TETER Mechanical Engineer Hannah Moss shows how Quality is essential in college and career.

TETER Mechanical Engineer and Partner Jonathan Schlundt interviews an engineering student in “the hot seat”, creating a stimulating and interactive atmosphere for the attendees.

(Left to Right): Corey Stone, Jonathan Schlundt, Jerry Dickerson (PMI-CCVC University Academic Outreach Director) and Hannah Moss.