Loren Aiton, TETER Senior Architect & Director of Sustainable Design, is now a Certified Access Specialist (CASp)

What is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp)?

A CASp is an expert in construction related accessibility. Certified Access Specialists are professionals who pass rigorous exams, get certified by the Division of State Architects, are qualified to inspect constructed facilities, and issue certificates of inspection.

Why does it matter to TETER?

In addition to Senior Architect Stuart Hendricks, Loren is another available technical resource who can readily interpret California Access Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

How does being a CASp benefit TETER’s clients?

Loren’s CASp achievement demonstrates a high degree of internal expertise, quality assurance on projects, dedication to our core competencies that affect building design and construction, and reinforces TETER’s commitment to “Building a Better Valley.”