Local Matters Quarterly Seminar Series

Lessons Learned: Insights from Valley’s Fastest Growing Companies

Glen Teter (TETER CEO and Founding Partner) participated in a panel discussion about business growth with other leaders from The Business Journal‘s 2019 Fastest Growing Companies: Kurt Zumwalt (Zumwalt Construction CEO), and Leroy Coffman (Solar Negotiators President).

(Left to Right): Leroy Coffman, Kurt Zumwalt, Ciaran McMullan, and Glen Teter

Ciaran McMullan (SuncrestBank CEO) moderated the Local Matters Quarterly Seminar Series. His first question to the panel was: “You have all had success building sustainable businesses through multiple economic cycles – What are your top reasons for your success?”

Glen Teter attributed TETER’s success to:

  • Diversification of services and market sectors
  • Creating and committing to a long-term vision
  • Learning to manage failure (bracketing failure with worse and best case scenarios)

Kurt Zumwalt responded, “Diversification has served our company well over time. Perseverance is a must to meet economic challenges. We do our work with enthusiasm and good-nature. It’s important to focus on employees and create opportunities for them.”

Leroy Coffman said, “Solar Negotiators’ culture is do things quickly. Our motto is “Do it RIGHT now.” We are used to constant change and so we’re always listening for that next step. Solar Negotiators is smart with our limited resources.

“Local Matters”, a quarterly seminar series from Suncrest Bank, brings local business and community leaders together to discuss local issues.

Kurt Zumwalt and Glen Teter

Ciaran McMullan, Suncrest Bank CEO, addresses audience.

Audience listens attentively to the panel discuss local issues.