Job Shadow Day at TETER

Academy of Architecture & Engineering students spend a day job shadowing TETER’s architects and engineers.

Redwood High School students in Visalia Unified School District’s Academy of Architecture and Engineering program learned the importance of college planning, community involvement, real-world internships, and professional communications from architects, engineers, and design professionals at TETER’s Visalia office.

I enjoy mentoring students and showing them what I do. I believe in paying it forward. I hope these students will take advantage of all of the opportunities that are given them, then turn around and help others to have even more opportunities. Living in the Central Valley you understand what a small world it can be at times. I hope I can show students how we’re currently working to build a better valley and how they can start building as well!” – Megan Chang, Professional Engineer, TETER’s Visalia office

“We  are grateful to have members of the community like TETER who open their doors to allow our students to do job shadowing. Kids these days don’t know what they want. So when they can shadow professionals like TETER, they have an idea if engineering is the direction they want to go in their higher education. The Work Based Learning Coordinator of Visalia Unified formed a bond with TETER. It’s been a good partnership.” – Russ Brown, Digital Engineering Instructor, Redwood High School

Today was great. My favorite part was learning about the details that go into a building.  There are so many different people involved with making a building.” – Miguel M., Student, Redwood High School