TETER-designed new addition at Fresno Cancer Center opens.

Article originally printed in The Business Journal on October 25, 2022 by reporter Ben Hensley

Fresno Cancer Center Expands Services for Breast Cancer Treatment.

The Fresno Cancer Center is celebrating 20 years of service in the Fresno area by providing patients with a newly expanded care center, paving the way for the future of breast cancer treatment in the Central Valley.

The Center, which offers state-of-the-art cancer care for Valley residents, expanded recently, adding an additional 10,000 square feet of space for additional staff for Central Valley Breast Care (CVBC).

The new center also includes an additional five exam rooms, two of which are equipped as procedural rooms, as well as additional staff facilities and offices.

In response to an increased need for access to cancer care, in June 2020 the center launched the CVBC — a team of specialists dedicated to patients suffering from a wide range of breast diseases, including breast cancer.

The CVBC assists patients in the decision-making process, helping patients consider treatment options as well as providing care from top specialists in the area.

“One of the benefits that we have here at Central Valley Breast Care is the fact that we have two fellowship trained breast surgeons,” said Carmen Arambula, Fresno Cancer Center’s nurse navigator. “When we look at the whole of the Central Valley from Bakersfield up through Merced, there are five total.”

Arambula said that each of the facilities two surgeons see anywhere from 25 to 40 patients daily, ranging from initial consultation to procedures.

Construction of the new facility began in February, finishing in late October. The facility saw its first patients on Oct. 21, 2022.

“Our hearts are full of joy,” said Fresno Cancer Center’s Chief Radiation Oncologist Dr. Li Liu. “It is a sincere honor and privilege to provide excellent cancer care for the Central Valley over these last 20 years.”

As a nationally recognized and accredited cancer treatment center, the Fresno Cancer Center offers radiation oncology services including stereotactic radiosurgery and body radiotherapy, as well as image guided radiation treatment, intensity modulated radiation therapy and electronic brachytherapy.