Foundation for Clovis Schools’ Students of Promise

TETER proudly supports the Student of Promise program.

Each spring, TETER attends the Foundation for Clovis Schools’ Student of Promise scholarship and awards gala, which recognizes high school juniors who succeed in school and overcome extreme obstacles despite challenging personal situations. Students are rewarded for persevering though difficult circumstances with a $2,000 post-secondary educational scholarship. TETER partners and staff were deeply affected by the students’ stories as they honored and celebrated these Students of Promise.

As a former CUSD student, it makes me proud to have been part of a district who honors these students not just for their academics, but more importantly, for the incredible young people they are. These students face trials most of us will never endure, and they do it with a positive inner strength. Seeing some of my former teachers continue to pour their hearts to help their students, recognize their potential, and encourage them along their journeys was equally inspiring. Nights like these remind me who I am really working for, and inspire me to do whatever I can to help these deserving students and teachers through our designs.” – Megan Armendariz, PE