Excellence in Transportation Award

(L-R) Bryan Glass (TETER Partner), Michael Osborn (Provost and Pritchard), and John Rowland (Peters Engineering Group)

Fulton Street Reconstruction Team Receives Awards

Caltrans bestows their 2018 Excellence in Transportation Award at Fresno City Hall

Bryan Glass, Electrical Engineer of Record, joins Provost and Pritchard, Peters Engineering Group, American Paving Co., and the rest of the project team as they receive Caltrans’ 2018 Excellence in Transportation Award in the “Highway as Main Street” category for the Fulton Street Reconstruction Project.

“We are excited to be part of the team on this important project for the City of Fresno and to play a part in Building a Better Valley.”

Bryan Glass, PE
TETER Partner and Electrical Engineer


City of Fresno Mayor Lee Brand congratulates Bryan Glass, PE

Bryan Glass receives Caltrans’ 2018 Excellence in Transportation Award from Scott Mozier, City of Fresno Public Works Director

The Fulton Reconstruction Project Team, Caltrans, and City of Fresno