Construction underway at Lemoore High School

TETER-designed projects at Lemoore High School are actively under construction.


Originally published on THE SENTINEL on June 14, 2018.

LEMOORE — This summer Lemoore High School has begun work on its bond projects from Measure L in 2016.

Debbie Muro, the Lemoore Union High School superintendent, said the district hopes to have all work in this first set of projects completed in November.

The first bit of work on any of the bond projects began in March. Since then the school has completed five projects of the 10 projects for the year.

Completed projects include installing new cables, painting the main building, installing a new well, repairing roofs and installing a service road for fire and safety.

The projects still being worked on are creating new concessions and restroom buildings for Tiger Stadium and between the baseball diamond and tennis courts, building a press box for the stadium, making a new walkway on the home side of the stadium, remodeling the weight room, transforming an old shop building into an engineering building, building an athletic building with room for cross fit classes and building two classrooms at the ag farm.

Lemoore High School’s new Press Box will be completed in 2018. (Rendering by Arnoldo Espindola, TETER Job Captain)

Measure L from the November 2016 election was passed with around 66 percent. It was a $24 million bond measure.

As of May 2017, the district sold $11 million in bonds funding the current round of projects.

We plan to go out to sell the remainder of the bonds in May of 2019, if our tax base can support it, to complete the remaining projects. Otherwise, we plan to sell Series B Bonds in 2020.” – Mark Howard, director of business services for the district

Muro said that next year the school is hoping to re-plaster the pool and create shade structures. The district originally planned on doing this project this year, but due to a paperwork mishap had to hold off.

With that project, the pool would have been closed for the summer. (Pool project is not designed by TETER.)

Other future projects include a tennis court expansion, a new academic building, a science building remodel, the resurfacing of the stadium parking lot, a library remodel, energy management systems expansion and landscaping improvement projects.

Lemoore High School’s new Academic Building. (Rendering by Arnoldo Espindola).

Lemoore High School’s new Academic Building. (Rendering by Arnoldo Espindola)


Some of the other projects on the table will bring improvement to the Jamison High School site — a new administration building, a new multipurpose room and upgraded portable classrooms.

All of the bond work is in addition to the work they already have to do for regular maintenance.” –  Michael Doria, facilities director for the district

Some of their regular maintenance planned projects include new flooring or carpeting in the gym, cafeteria and presentation center.