Caitlin Muradian has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer/Partner.

We look forward to her help in building on the foundation of the past 43 years and creating an even better, more sustainable A/E firm for the future.

How does your new status as Chief Financial Officer and Partner benefit clients?

The primary way it will benefit clients is by investing in our people—our clients see big returns on our internal investments. My role in that is to keep our financials healthy to sustain our exceptional client service. By making an investment in our talent, technology, and service offerings, we can remain the preferred A/E Firm in the Valley.

How does your promotion benefit TETER in the short term?

I’ve been with the firm just over 11 years. This is a big transition, but we are navigating it with a familiar team that embraces TETER’s core values. It will make the transition that much more successful.

What does your promotion mean for TETER in the long term?

It is all about adding growth opportunities internally and additional services for our clients. We’ll do this by expanding geographical reach, adding market sector services, and strengthening services we already offer. We will be building on the foundation of our 40 years and creating a more sustainable A/E firm for the future.

What advice can you share with other women to become future leaders?

  • Be curious. There are a lot of opportunities that might not be fully announced, but as your curiosity grows it will expose you to other aspects of the business or community at large. Curiosity helped me to learn different viewpoints, and how to see the big picture as well as the details.
  • Have a growth mindset. Invest in yourself, don’t compare yourself to your neighbor. Know the right path for you and find mentors and organizations and educational resources that will help you on your path, which will be different form the person next to you.
  • Get diverse input. Having a diverse input group will lead to better decisions.
  • Be a human first. Be kind and supportive, and remember that you’re on the same team within your firm—we get a lot further supporting each other than tearing each other down.

What are your major strengths?

I can see the big picture and look ahead to what needs to happen, but then pull back to the details and the execution plan. I’m good at implementing and executing the vision. I’m also pretty good at developing and working with a large team. Having strong relationships across the Firm helps drive progress on strategic initiatives. Within my team, I try to develop us as a group and make sure that everyone is developing alongside me. I enjoy seeing others grow and succeed. On the daily, I enjoy the adrenaline rush and drive and in general am a reliable and positive teammate.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy it when a large project that many people in the firm have been involved in starts to come to fruition, and we start seeing the results, how we’ve made something better and how it is benefitting our clients. The return on investment from all the hard work is so rewarding. I also like that when we operate at our best, we can do more in our community and see the direct impact on the people and schools we invest in.

What are you looking forward to in your new position?

I’m really looking forward to working with the entire Firm. Feeling the support of the firm in this promotion is very rewarding. It motivates me to make sure we successfully transition to a legacy firm. I feel a lot of comfort and confidence in our leadership. I’m excited to see TETER continue to grow, to provide growth opportunities for our staff, and to help scale the company. I’m looking forward to actively seeking feedback and ideas and investing in them. I want to help create a more proactive company, having the strategic vision and making progress on it daily. I’m excited for the future.